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Our food

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Starters & Small bites / Classics

  • Soup of the day
    Please ask your waiter for today's special creation
  • Oven-baked potato with sour cream
    garnished with mixed salad​
  • Oven-baked potato with smoked salmon
    with sour cream, garnished with mixed salad​
  • Roasted dumplings (vegetarian)
    with rocket-walnut pesto, sauteed mushrooms, garnished with mixed salad
  • Smoked matje (young herring) filet
    with fresh black bread from the bakery, marinated juniper apple slices, butter, onion rings and garnished with salad
  • Sauteed Tafelspitz (lightly braised beef beef)
    with tuna mayonnaise, baked capers, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, croutons and rocket salad
  • Home-pickled salmon
    comes with a (savoury) lemon, dill and honey-mustard marinade, three potato fritters and garnished with salad
  • Five king prawns in a pan
    fried in garlic-chili oil, with gremolata and served with fresh baguette
  • Currywurst
    with homemade sauce and french fries
  • Emdener Matjesfilets (pickled herring)
    with juniper apples, onions, baked potatoes and mixed salad
  • Cheeseburger
    200g beef patty, fresh bakery burger bun, tomato, pickles, onions, served with french fries and coleslaw
  • Chicken Burger
    crispy chicken with mango chutney, Tandoori mayonaise, served with french fries and coleslaw
  • Deutsches Haus-Burger
    200g, fresh bakery burger bun, with gouda, bacon, braised onions, fried egg, potato wedges with sour cream | add extra beef
  • Deutsches Haus Pfännchen
    roasted filet of pork with cream sauce, sauteed mushrooms, green beans with bacon and homemade potato croquettes served in a hot pan
  • Beef skewer
    roasted beef tips marinated in garlic-rosemary oil, herb butter, vegetarian patty with herb curd and small salad
  • BBQ Spareribs – 750 g
    with oven-baked potato with sour cream and coleslaw


  • French fries
  • Potato wedges
    € 5,00
    with sour cream
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Garlic bread with aioli
  • Oven-baked potato
    with sour cream or herb butter (8)


  • Small mixed salad

    salad of the season with house-vinaigrette and croutons
  • Large mixed salad

    salad of the season with house-vinaigrette and croutons
  • Alaskan saithe filet
    fried-breaded with homemade aioli on mixed salad of the season with house-vinaigrette
  • Chicken breast strips
    marinated with spicy chimichurri-marinade on mixed salad of the season with house-vinaigrette, garlic bread
  • Naturally matured goat cheese

    gratineed with lavender honey on mixed salad of the season with house-vinaigrette, marinated juniper apple slices and walnuts


  • Three potato fritters
    with homemade apple sauce
  • Chicken Schnitzel
    With french fries


Pork schnitzel – with two side dishes of choice

  • Vienna style

    with lemon, capers, anchovies
  • Zingara style

    with savoury pepper sauce
  • Jäger style
    with cream sauce, sauteed mushrooms and bacon
  • Meier style
    with veal sauce, two fried eggs, braised onions
  • Cordon bleu style
    filled with ham and gouda cheese
  • Origina vienna style
    veal schnitzel with lemon, capers, anchovies
  • Add extra schnitzel
  • Add extra schnitzel (veal)


Argentinian Steaks – With one side dish of choice

  • Haunch steak 200g
    Haunch steak 300g €28,90
  • Rump steak 200g
    Rump steak 300g €32,80
  • with cream sauce
  • with homemade herb butter
  • with cognac-pepper sauce
  • with cream sauce
    and sauteed mushrooms
  • with onions and mustard
    and veal sauce
  • Meier style
    with veal sauce, two fried eggs, braised onions
  • Surf & Turf
    with three king prawns on a spit and aioli

Side dishes

  • French fries
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Potato wedges
  • Potato corquettes
  • Roasted potatoes with bacon
  • Oven-baked potato with sour cream
  • dumplings
  • Leaf spinach
  • Beans with bacon
  • Small salad


Please ask our staff for our daily desserts

Local food

We ar egetting our supplies from local companies:
Bäckerei Esser 
Neusser Str. 19, 41564 Kaarst
Obst- und Gemüsehof Wilms 
Alte Heerstr. 151, 41564 Kaarst

1=mit Farbstoff, 2=mit Konservierungsstoff, 3=mit Antioxidationsmittel, 4=mit Geschmacksverstärker, 5=geschwefelt, 6=geschwärzt, 7=mit Phosphat, 8=mit Milcheiweiß, 9=koffeinhaltig, 10=chininhaltig, 11=mit Süßungsmittel, 12=gewachst. Informationen zu potentiellen Allergenen entnehmen Sie einer separaten Speisekarte. Bitte fragen Sie uns.

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